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Why won’t Activision give Naughty Dog the rights to make another Crash Bandicoot game

By Laquan On July 24, 2014

After reading up on how Naughty Dog wants to do another Crash Bandicoot game and even letting Activision in on the project, here is some of ... read more


Crash Bandicoot & Jak 4 “Is it something that makes sense to us now?” -Naughty Dog

By Dennis Patrick On July 22, 2014

We’ve reported in the past that there were classic Sony exclusives we would like to see revive and there seems to be a bigger push for... read more


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Footage

By Dennis Patrick On June 26, 2014

Take a look at a new video showcasing over 15 minutes of Activision’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark below. You can now pick up ... read more


Sony Japan Receiving Destiny Exclusively

By Dennis Patrick On June 17, 2014

Bungie had a pretty strong run with their Halo series which Microsoft owned the exclusive rights for the franchise. Now the tables have turn... read more


New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 2014 Presentation

By Dennis Patrick On June 11, 2014

For those attending E3 right now can stop by the Activision booth. While there, a new video presentation shows off a bit more information an... read more


“We’re Treating Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Like A New IP”- Sledgehammer

By Charly Pierre On May 14, 2014

The next Call of Duty video game will not be developed by Trayarch.  Activision announced a new 3 years circle where Sledgehammer Games wi... read more


$500 Million Spent on Destiny and Public Beta out in July

By Yasmin Hamdy On May 6, 2014

CEO Bobby Kotick said that Activision is spending half a billion dollars on Destiny to make it a hit, making it possibly the most expensiv... read more

Rise of the dark spark

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Release Date Unveiled

By Jaypee Thakuria On May 5, 2014

Activision, today confirmed about the release of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark on June 24 and June 25 in North America and Australia ... read more