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PS4 Amazon App Review

By Matthew Wight On August 6, 2014

One of the best things about the PS4 isn’t a game, a DLC or even Laura Croft’s remastered boobs. No. One of the best things abo... read more


[UPDATE] New Unannounced PS Vita PS4 Bundle Surfaced Online

By Dennis Patrick On June 5, 2014

Sony has confirmed the bundle and will be released within Europe first. Though Sony did state that the availability will also be determined ... read more

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Enters The Video Game Console Market With Amazon Fire TV

By Dennis Patrick On April 3, 2014

Not something we expect will overtake the current generation console lineup but Amazon releasing somewhat a console. The actual device is kn... read more


Saints Row 4 Game of the Century Edition Leaked

By Dennis Patrick On April 3, 2014

Amazon Germany may have slipped the ball just a bit with an early video game announcement. Even though it wasn’t much an announcement,... read more


PS4 Back In Stock At

By Dennis Patrick On February 12, 2014

Gamers are having an incredibly hard time getting their hands on a PlayStation 4. Sony is just printing money with each console that comes d... read more


Amazon has acquired Strider developer Double Helix Games

By Manjul Jani On February 6, 2014

Double Helix Games, developer of Strider game releasing this month, has now been acquired by online retailer Amazon. The acquisition consist... read more


Video games online store launched in India by

By Manjul Jani On February 5, 2014

Amazon has now officially unveiled the video games online store in India which includes PlayStation consoles and of course, video games. The... read more


PS4 in stock again at Amazon

By Manjul Jani On February 3, 2014

If you have missed out on grabbing a brand new PlayStation 4 with your craving hands, because it was out of stock, it is time for you to smi... read more