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Crysis 3: Brand New Screenshots

The gorgeous good looking game finally have new screenshots unveiled!  Check out   brand new  stunning Crysis 3 screenshots down below .        

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Crysis 3 teaser trailer is here

Crytek’s released the first teaser trailer for their recently announced Crysis 3 and it promises a full blown trailer later this April. The trailer shows some amazing visuals and Psycho running towards which looks like a tattered New York City. The game’s in development for all leading platforms and is due out in 2013. Check…

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Crysis 3 PS3 Box Art and Hunter Edition Details

EA  has released the official box art of the upcoming game Crysis 3 and the Hunter Edition which will offer you alot of contents if you pre-order yours today.Check the details down below “Crysis 3 is an exciting mix of sandbox gameplay, complex battles and high-tech weapons of humans and aliens – shooter fans will…

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Crysis 3 ScreenShot Reveals and Enemies

Crysis 3  box art  was leaked a few days ago,Today a better glimpse at the protagonist leaked. Check out the  image below of the  main  protagonist facing a new alien threat in the overgrown, post-apocalyptic streets in New York City.

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Crysis 3 Confirmed,Big announcement coming April 16th

According to a Swedish magazine EA and Crytek will announce Crysis 3 on April 16th. Crysis 3  accidently Confirmed by EA’s Origin. However, EA and the European magazine believe that the leaked happened by a faulty switch over at Origin. They also leaked crysis 3 offiacial box art  and the platform the game will available on. The leaked list…

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