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Escape Dead Island Release Date Revealed

By Dennis Patrick On August 27, 2014

The upcoming video game, Dead Island Escape, now has a release date. Gamers can pick the game up this November. Deep Silver has announced th... read more


Saints Row Developers Revealing New Game at PAX

By Dennis Patrick On August 27, 2014

From the creators of the Saints Row series, Volition has a new video game that they will be announcing this year during PAX. Specifically, t... read more


Dead Island 2 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage

By Dennis Patrick On August 11, 2014

From Deep Silver and Yager comes Dead Island 2. A new video emerges online showing off a pre-alpha build gameplay. Take on the mean zombie f... read more


Deep Silver Reveals Gamescom 2014 Lineup

By Dennis Patrick On July 31, 2014

With Gamescom approaching, developers are starting to reveal what exactly will be revealed and available to show off during the event. Deep ... read more


Crytek Sells Off Homefront To Deep Silver

By Dennis Patrick On July 30, 2014

Trouble in Crytek leads to several employees leaving and the result of selling off Homefront to Deep Silver. What does this mean for the fut... read more


Deep Silver Releases Sacred 3 “Fighter” Trailer

By Dennis Patrick On July 17, 2014

Deep Silver has released a new CGI trailer for their upcoming video game, Sacred 3. This is an arcade style hack ‘n’ slash title... read more


Tell Deep Silver What Dead Island 2 Collector Edition Should Have

By Dennis Patrick On July 9, 2014

Deep Silver was under some heat with the latest Dead Island Collectors Edition. To avoid the same mistake, they are are asking you the fans,... read more


Escape Dead Island Announced

By Dennis Patrick On July 1, 2014

Deep Silver has a few Dead Island video games within the franchise. The latest one announced is Escape Dead Island. This title will link the... read more