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Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Creator is Loving The PlayStation 4

By Dennis Patrick On March 14, 2014

When one of your top employee’s is getting chummy with the competition, that’s not a good sign. Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakura... read more


Original PS4 Design Was ‘Totally Different’

By Charly Pierre On October 12, 2013

Chief designer Tetsu Sumii, the man behind the PlayStation 4 design , revealed today some important details regarding the PS4 design. Sumii ... read more


Mark Cerny PS4 Interview: “PlayStation 4 Won’t Require To Always Be Connected”

By Samantha Earwood On June 1, 2013

Head of the new generation PlayStation suggests that the company has listened to the game creators. It is noted that Cerny has been faced wi... read more


Mike Bithell Talks About Secret Dualshock 4 Feature

By Samantha Earwood On May 8, 2013

According to Mike Bithell, all the leaked images and videos of the PS4′s new DualShock 4 controller did not show everything. “You’... read more


Sony: PS4 “is going to be another fantastic design”

By Charly Pierre On April 16, 2013

During an interview with Sony’s Worldwide Studio vice president Michael Denny, he informed  Edge-Online the PS4 “ it’s ... read more


Sony president apologizes for not showing PS4 during the unveiled

By Charly Pierre On February 22, 2013

The PlayStation 4 itself was the only thing missing during the unveiled yesterday night. Sony president of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshid... read more

ps4 concept

Realistic PlayStation 4 Concept

By Debabrata Nath On February 20, 2013

A user has made this solid PlayStation 4 concept design for the both the controller and the console. Personally, we really like the look and... read more


The most realistic PlayStation 4 Concept Sony should notice

By Saurav On January 30, 2013

With all the news of a new PlayStation console being in development and Sony pegged to announce it between now and E3 this year, the hype is... read more