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Doom 4 “We Need To Prove Ourselves” Bethesda

By Dennis Patrick On July 4, 2014

Speaking to MCV, Bethesda’s Pete Hines talked about the upcoming Doom 4 video game. While the talk didn’t express new details of... read more


Doom 4 Beta Included With Wolfenstein: The New Order

By Dennis Patrick On February 19, 2014

Doom fans have been in the dark for awhile with no news on any upcoming titles. The last piece of news we heard of was that Bethesda was wor... read more


PSG Line Up: April 1st – 7th

By Samantha Earwood On April 11, 2013

Watch as I talk about the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC map pack,  the new Doom 4, and how Rage 2 has been cancelled. You wi... read more


Bethesda Confirms Work On A New Version Of Doom 4, Rage 2 Cancelled

By Samantha Earwood On April 3, 2013

Bethesda has confirmed development of a new version of Doom 4 planned for the next-generation of consoles. Sources speaking with Kotaku cl... read more


id Software working on Next-Gen Console Project

By Saurav On July 26, 2012

A job listing has been published by id Software which aims at recruiting experienced UI programmers having familiarity with id Software game... read more


Doom 4 is indeed Revealed- More Screenshots Revealed

By Charly Pierre On February 29, 2012

Minute ago, we posted some images about Doom 4 Screenshots Revealed ,but we were very unsure about whether those screenshots were fake o... read more


Doom 4 Screenshots Revealed

By Samantha Earwood On February 29, 2012

Check out these new Doom 4 screenshots for the PS3.                         &nbs... read more