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BF4 ShortCut Kits

Shortcut Kits Now Available on Battlefield 4 for a Limited Time

By Magadala See On February 20, 2014

DICE is having a Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month and to honor their players, they are giving away shortcuts kits, that gives players... read more


FIFA 14 Epic Fail

By Tyler Kober On December 1, 2013

EA is notorious for making people mad, It was no surprise when they took away away guest play from the newest Fifa game. What could make peo... read more


EA does price slashing for PS4 digital games

By Manjul Jani On November 27, 2013

Electronic Arts’ official store has cut down pricing of PS4 titles by £3 after listening to negative feedbacks by consumers. Before this ... read more


PlayStation 4 Buyers Getting on Average Three Games

By Eric Swain On November 25, 2013

Sony sold one million consoles in the first 24 hours of the PlayStation 4 being on sale in North America alone. Thankfully, players, on aver... read more

Dragon Age Inquisition

Leaked: 30 Minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Footage

By Eric Swain On November 14, 2013

A new video shows over 30 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition in action from the Digiexpo event in Finland. One of the developers talks over ... read more

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed 4 Rivals Gets PlayStation 4 Gameplay Video

By Eric Swain On November 13, 2013

Ghost Games released a gameplay video of Need for Speed Rivals running off of the PlayStation 4. The game is slick and shiny, just how you&#... read more

Need for Speed, Rivals

PlayStation 4 Version of Need for Speed: Rivals Now a Launch Game

By Eric Swain On November 4, 2013

The PlayStation 4 version of the EA racer has been moved up a week to coincide with the console’s launch. Originally it was going to b... read more

Battlefield 4 event

DICE Says Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Will Come Eventually

By Eric Swain On October 4, 2013

While Battlefield 4 is on the horizon, fans of the Bad Company franchise need not worry. Creative Director told reporters at a recent Battle... read more