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Driveclub Details Coming Before E3 2014

By Dennis Patrick On April 28, 2014

The wait for details on the upcoming Evolution Studios Driveclub is about to end. Developers have stated that in the coming weeks leading ... read more


DriveClub making Progress and Launch Date “in the weeks to come”

By Magadala See On March 27, 2014

Many have been wondering what happened to the DriveClub title that was supposed to be released alongside the PS4 last year. Recent reports s... read more


Sony Layoffs hit Evolution Studios, Guerilla Cambridge, & SCE London Studio

By Magadala See On March 26, 2014

It seems like Sony has begun a number layoffs to not one, but three of their studios in the UK. Studios in the UK such as Evolution Studios,... read more


DriveClub will showcase locations ‘right down to angle of light’

By Manjul Jani On January 17, 2014

Sony creatively highlighted some new facts about the PlayStation 4 racing game DriveClub through their vibrant and beautifully animated ‘B... read more


Sony Confirms DriveClub is Delayed

By Eric Swain On October 20, 2013

Earlier there were rumors that the PlayStation 4 launch title DriveClub would be delayed, now we have confirmation from Sony on the PlayStat... read more


New Image of DriveClub Boxart

By Magadala See On August 24, 2013

DriveClub is Sony’s next-gen socially connected racing game that will be available for the PS4 in a couple months. Players will be abl... read more


DriveClub PS4 Alpha Game Footage

By Eric Swain On August 23, 2013

Sony is showing off its exclusive next-generation racer DriveClub at Gamescom. We now have alpha footage of the game taken directly from the... read more


New PS4 Game Download Details Leaked

By Magadala See On August 6, 2013

This new feature is going to alternate the way the game is downloaded and define the way games are played. The next-gen console can download... read more