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God of War

God of War Developers Take On UCLA Game Design and Development Class

By Dennis Patrick On August 6, 2014

If you’re attending UCLA in the fall, here’s a class you can look into. God of War developers are starting a class in which they... read more

God of War

Bet You Didn’t Know – God of War

By Dennis Patrick On May 21, 2014

Did you know these facts and easter eggs while playing through the God of War series? With E3 just around the corner for 2014, perhaps we... read more


God of War 3 Stig Asmussen Leaves Sony Santa Monica Studio

By Dennis Patrick On March 21, 2014

There’s certainly been a few announcements recently on video game development studios departures and even closings. First it was Irrat... read more


God of War in Virtual Reality on the PS4

By Jayde On March 20, 2014

At this years GDC, Sony did an intriguing thing and showcased their God of War series through Virtual Reality (VR) at the San Francisco even... read more


Sony gives some insight on the Santa Monica Studio Layoffs

By Jayde On March 7, 2014

News broke out last week that there was layoffs occurring at the Sony Santa Monica Studios. The Sony developers are best known for their wor... read more


Laid off Sony Employee reveals Cancelled Projects from Santa Monica Studios

By Jayde On February 26, 2014

Just yesterday, about fifty workers from Sony’s Santa Monica studio was laid off. The Lead Level Designer Johnathan Hawkins was an employe... read more

Santa Monica Studios

Microsoft Offering Jobs to former Sony Employees laid off from Santa Monica Studios

By Jayde On February 26, 2014

Santa Monica Studios is best known for their work in the PlayStation exclusive God of War series, helped SuperBot in creating All-Stars Batt... read more


God of War Collection Releasing For PS Vita

By Charly Pierre On February 11, 2014

Sony announced that the God of War Collection is coming to the PlayStation Vita on May 6th in North America and for Europe on May 8th. With... read more