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Rockstar Revealing Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Details Soon

By Dennis Patrick On August 25, 2014

We’re going to finally get some more details on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 video game for the next generation consoles. This woul... read more


More Rumors Suggest Zombie Outbreak in Grand Theft Auto 5

By Dennis Patrick On August 24, 2014

More rumors and suggestions are leading to the soon-to-be zombie apocalyptic outbreak within Grand Theft Auto 5. The mean streets of Los San... read more


GTA 5 Flight School Update Leaked

By Dennis Patrick On August 15, 2014

A pretty credible source who has brought out a number of leaks in the past for GTA 5 that came true, has another new leak for the game. Acco... read more


GTA 5 Heist Payouts and Roles Leaked

By Dennis Patrick On August 6, 2014

A number of new leaks has been surfacing online for the upcoming GTA 5 Heist game mode. The latest leaks comes in form of the Heist payouts ... read more


GTA 5 Zombies DLC Leaked Among Others

By Dennis Patrick On July 30, 2014

Is zombies invading Los Santos? There’s a string of new leaks, which we will have to label as rumors for now, that may suggest a zombi... read more


GTA 5 Receiving Two New Strip Clubs

By Dennis Patrick On July 15, 2014

Looks like one fan came a cross some code for GTA 5, more specifically the GTA Online video game. Turns out Rockstar is adding two new strip... read more


Grand Theft Auto 5: The Independence Day Special

By Dennis Patrick On July 1, 2014

Rockstar is celebrating America’s birthday in GTA 5 with free DLC. The DLC is known as The Independence Day Special which of course in... read more


Real-Life Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Remake

By Dennis Patrick On June 30, 2014

Rockstar blew people away with their latest GTA video game in the series known as Grand Theft Auto V. The game literally made a billion doll... read more