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The Evil Within

The Evil Within – It Will Live Trailer

By Dennis Patrick On April 9, 2014

The upcoming horror title The Evil Within has released a new trailer titled It Will Live. The horror game is set to release this August for ... read more


Horror Title Cult County Now Coming For PS4 Morpheus

By Dennis Patrick On April 6, 2014

Cult County was a horror title that was set to be exclusive for the Nintendo handheld 3DS. Though it seems that development studio, Renegade... read more


New SOMA Trailer “Dives Deep into The Darkness”

By Dennis Patrick On April 3, 2014

A brand new trailer for the horror title SOMA has been released. This trailer reveals something quite big about the game that has been in se... read more


Zombie Studios plans to run ‘Daylight’ at 1080p/60fps

By Magadala See On March 6, 2014

The upcoming game titled Daylight, will be the first of many things for Zombie Studios. Daylight will be the developer’s first psychologic... read more


Amnesia Developers Release New SOMA Trailer

By Dennis Patrick On March 6, 2014

Frictional Games, well known for their horror title Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has released a brand new trailer for their new upcoming horro... read more


First DLC for Outlast titled ‘Whistleblower’ is Releasing in April

By Magadala See On February 26, 2014

‘Whistleblower’ will be the first downloadable content for Outlast to be released in April for the PS4 and PC. A survival horror game wh... read more


Daylight Release Date For PlayStation 4 Revealed

By Dennis Patrick On February 20, 2014

Zombie Studios Daylight has just released the launch date for the PlayStation 4. Daylight is an upcoming survival horror video game that is ... read more


PS4: Daylight Will Capture Pictures Of Players When A Scare Happens

By Samantha Earwood On June 7, 2013

A fun feature was announced for Daylight, a psychological thriller/horror game for the PS4 from Zombie Studios. It will capture the exact m... read more