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PS3 PlayStation Now Open Beta Starts Today

By Dennis Patrick On September 18, 2014

Those within the United States and Canada can take part of the PlayStation 3 open beta in PlayStation Now. Sony has released the open beta f... read more


Sony Reveals PlayStation Now May Include PS4, PS2 and PS1 Games

By Dennis Patrick On September 15, 2014

Sony Network Entertainment VP, Eric Lempel, spoke with Game Informer where he revealed that PlayStation Now can see some new updates and cha... read more

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PS1, PS2, and PS4 Games Could Come To PlayStation Now

By Jose Aranda On September 14, 2014

According to VP of Sony Network Entertainment, Eric Lempel told Game Informer in an interview that PS1, PS2, and PS4 games could come to Pla... read more


Why The PS4 Is Not All Hype

By Jose Aranda On August 25, 2014

Sony recently announced at GamesCom 2014 that the PlayStation 4 has sold over 10 million units worldwide. After losing their console dominan... read more


Sony Continues to Work Out PlayStation Now Prices

By Dennis Patrick On August 14, 2014

Sony continues to work out price points for the PlayStation Now service. The beta is currently open within North America and Sony has seen s... read more


Sony Working on Subscription For PlayStation Now

By Dennis Patrick On July 30, 2014

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Now is going to open beta starting tomorrow July 31, 2014 for those in North America. Though when it comes... read more


Sony Rejects EA Access

By Jose Aranda On July 30, 2014

Sony has recently announced that it passed on EA Access; a service by EA that cost $30 a year for access to discounts, free games, and pre-o... read more


PSN Purchases May Transfer To PlayStation Now

By Dennis Patrick On July 4, 2014

The PlayStation Now streaming service has been getting a bit of heat for the pricing point. Gamers are not satisfied with the amount of mone... read more