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Sony Teases and Trademarks New Horror Video Game

By Dennis Patrick On August 11, 2014

A Million Ways To Die could be the next big horror title from Sony. The company has filed a trademark for the game through the United States... read more


You’ve Been Chosen “Spark” Teaser

By Dennis Patrick On August 2, 2014

BioWare has released a teaser about a mystery untitled video game. The teaser would only state that “you’ve been chosen” a... read more


BioWare Teases New Video Game Project “Chosen”

By Dennis Patrick On July 25, 2014

BioWare has a new video game project in the works, one that seems to be ready for a formal announcement. Right now, all we get is a teaser w... read more


Media Molecule PS4 Project Teaser

By Dennis Patrick On July 21, 2014

Media Molecule releases a teaser for an upcoming PlayStation 4 project. Take a look at the video and leave your guesses as to what the game ... read more


Doom Teaser Trailer Released

By Dennis Patrick On June 10, 2014

Bethesda released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming video game reboot, Doom. The teaser doesn’t reveal too much but for fans... read more


Criterion Games Teases New IP

By Dennis Patrick On June 9, 2014

Criterion Games was present during EA press conference during this year’s E3 2014. During the conference a video showcased Criterion G... read more


Ubisoft Releases Teaser of The Division

By Dennis Patrick On June 5, 2014

While The Division has been delayed until 2015, a new teaser has been released for the upcoming Ubisoft video game. Take a look of the city... read more


New Project V1 Countdown Will Reveal on May 30th

By Dennis Patrick On May 22, 2014

An unannounced video game is set to reveal on the May 30th. Everyone is guessing just what Project V1 will be based about. Find out what we ... read more