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Xbox boss on Uncharted: wishes Microsoft had an action adventure IP like that, but we don’t

By Charly Pierre On August 19, 2014

Speaking to Eurogamer, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that he is a big fan of Uncharted and also explained the deal they have with Squ... read more


PlayStation & Xbox Twitch Channels Compromised at Gamescom

By Dennis Patrick On August 15, 2014

During Gamescom you might have caught caught both PlayStation and Xbox Twitch accounts being compromised. According to IGN, Twitch accounts ... read more


Rise of the Tomb Raider revealed

By Charly Pierre On June 9, 2014

Square Enix revealed a world premier CGI trailer for Tomb Raider 2 during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference. They also revealed that th... read more


The Evil Within Delayed

By Yasmin Hamdy On June 1, 2014

The Evil Within will now be released on October 21st in North America, in Australia on October 23rd, and throughout Europe on October 24, ... read more


$500 Million Spent on Destiny and Public Beta out in July

By Yasmin Hamdy On May 6, 2014

CEO Bobby Kotick said that Activision is spending half a billion dollars on Destiny to make it a hit, making it possibly the most expensiv... read more


Xbox 360 Ultimate Fail

By Tyler Kober On December 10, 2013

The one thing that’s always there for you, it never fails to let you down. When you have a bad day It’s waiting for you, when yo... read more


Companies Get Along Better Then The Consumers

By Tyler Kober On November 28, 2013

In the picture above one of two things could be going on. 1. Sony and Microsoft are actually being nice to one another for once and attempti... read more


Microsoft Congrats Sony on the PS4

By Tyler Kober On November 16, 2013

Even Microsoft employees are congratulating Sony on its recent release of the PlayStation 4. One of there head employees this morning made a... read more