Must Play Zombie Themed Video Games

Wednesday,August 27, 2014By Rohan


Since the dawn of gaming there have been zombies. However, the gaming industry has only recently noticed the full potential of the zombie apocalypse genre. So if you’re looking to take on the undead horde then here are some of our highly recommended zombie themed video games that is worthy to be added toward your video game collection.

Dead Nation


Dead Nation is a top down shooter based in the heat of the zombie apocalypse despite the fact it is a top down shooter it is still alot more intense than first person zombie shooters.

You can play it solo but the co op is where the fun is because you can play it both online and local so if you have a friend over that is a zombie fanatic then this is definitely a game you would want to play. Dead Nation is one of the best PSN zombie games ever made.

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