Towerfall Ascension Review

Wednesday,July 23, 2014By Matthew Wight

Bows, ghosts and why people with terets shouldn't play this game.

Bows, ghosts and why people with Terets shouldn’t play this game.

If you, like me, own the PS4 and patiently wait for the free game of the month to come out, then… well… Let’s just say this month you won’t be disappointed.

This month’s free PSN game Towerfall Ascension by MattmakesgamesINC hits the target dead on. Literally.
The four-player arena style gameplay is addictive and fun, players test their tempers by choosing from three deadly annoying game modes. Versus, which is local player VS player action. Trials, the impossible challenge to hit all the targets in a time limit. Finally last but not least the campaign, where players take on hordes of 2D monsters to save Towerfall.

So, where to begin?

TowerFall Ascension

It’s fair to say this game is a bullseye.

Lets start with what the game is about, Versus, taking down your best friends with the tap of the square button.

You can have a maximum of four players in a 2D arena, new maps can be unlocked and when you think you’ve beaten the game, the keen trophy hunters will see that trophies are awarded for unlocking the new maps and new stories. Don’t let the simplistic graphics bore you, the fun colours and cartoon gore when your friend often gets beheaded is a helluva a lot of fun. Players can create their own matches such as a round to three, with lasers and wings, or perhaps a sudden death match between you and the bestie on a lone mountain top, now upgrades, you, your friend and one arrow each. Begin.

Okay, Trials well what do you want to know?

The trials mode is the weakest part of the game, players have to hit all the targets in under 7.5 seconds to get a medal and 3.0 seconds to get gold. If you’re suicidal avoid this mode. This is where the game is fantastic, if you fail the game will laugh at you. This game is a villain and it needs to be vanquished!

Campaign, the plot is that players adopt archers from which their are four original ones to choose from not unlike Castle Crashers which taught gamers everywhere that we can’t judge a game by it’s  graphics. When I first got the game I didn’t much like it, mainly because I attempted it alone. Now I love it and when my best friend comes round he groans at the thought of another well timed arrow decapitating his rubbish little archer. Who’s the loser now mum? HE IS!!!!!
Anyways… your mission is to save your kingdom from ghosts, weird little flubber things that are a real menace and jump on you all the time and every other monster you can think of. Before taking on the boss himself. That’s right, boss battle guys.

Don’t think it’s just shooting arrows, you can jump, fly, fall, die, shoot arrows, dash, dash again, die again, die one more time. This game’s hook isn’t any of the extras like the upgrades or clever gameplay antics. It’s that it’s taken gaming back to what it used to be. You and a buddy, a pizza and endless hours of mindless swearing.

What We Liked

It's award winning for a reason. That's all I've got to say, that and also, don't judge a book by it's cover. OR well, a game by it's graphics.

- Great gameplay
- Buddy on buddy action
- Endless rounds of fun
- Replay value is very, very high.

What We Didn't

It will make people who want to top themselves jump off a very tall tower.

- Temper management needed for this game. WARNING.

Final Score


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