The Walking Dead season 2 episode 5 review

Tuesday,September 2, 2014By Rohan

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Despite the fact The Walking Dead season 2 had a slow and relaxed start things quickly escalated, and by the end of episode 4 we were left on a huge cliff hanger that resulted in an excellent conclusion to season 2.

The last episode ended when Clementine and the group were under attack by Arvo and his friends, when out of no where Rebecca turned and Clem shot her,thats when all hell broke loose and that’s where we left off. It was a gory and scary ending but a great way to start episode 5.

The Walking Dead episode 5 is the last episode of season 5 and it’s better than ever. Unfortunately for you throughout the episode you loose nearly all of your group in heart wrenching scenes. As usual its not the gamplay your here for, its the story and Telltale has evidently been working very hard to give the  second season a good send off. Of course as we already know there is going to be a season 3 after it was announced last month. Unfortuantly episode 5 was not as climactic  as season 1′s finale so it felt like a step down.

the walking dead season 2 episode 4 clem

However I felt like I enjoyed this episode more than any other, mainly because you could completely change clementine. As usual its not possible to help everyone and you just have to let some go. The episode is the saddest out of all of season 2 and contains some truly saddening scenes that are hard to go through.

This episode as usual has choices but this time they make a full impact and completely change the story. The game has always been about making hard decisions but in this episode they will eventually lead to one characters death and another’s survival. The best part however is the fact that you finale get to decide where Clem ends up.

For example kill one and go with the other or kill one and run away on your own. Just from that example you will understand how hard these choices are to make. If you have played season one or have not played the walking dead before I definitely recommend this game. It was an immense conclusion to a great series

What We Liked

Great story
Choices make a large impact

What We Didn't

Final Score


The Walking Dead episode 5 is a must have for anyone and will make you understand what all the talk is about.

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