Watch Dogs Developer Answering Questions Via Twitter

Thursday,April 3, 2014By Dennis Patrick

watch dogs

Watch Dogs is preparing to release in the very near future. Though while we’re approaching that release date, which is May 27th of 2014, there are still several unanswered questions. Today Watch Dogs animation director, Colin Graham, is answering questions about the game through Twitter.

Currently, Colin Graham is still answering questions that he sees fit. We compiled up some of the top questions he answered.

  • Promotion for the game is heavily on Sony’s side. There are currently exclusive missions and clothing for the PlayStation 4.
  • Animation looks the same on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 according to Colin Graham.
  • New footage of the game will be shown off at PAX east, this will be footage from a PlayStation 4 console.
  • Watch Dogs will have an open world architecture and good mission streaming. There will less loading screens.

Lastly, Colin linked a video on Twitter that shows off a map comparison of Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto 5. You can take a look at the video down below.

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