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Bet You Didn’t Know – Resident Evil

Resident Evil has been a strong franchise that has spanned over several video games and films. Since the first game launched in 1996, there’s plenty of information to get lost or missed through your time playing through the video games. [...]

14 hours ago


Sony Considering Steam Early Access Like Service

Steam’s Early Access greatly helps the development studio. With the service, gamers are able to give in-put on the game should be developed while also help funding the actual project. Now it seems that Sony may actually look into bringing [...]

14 hours ago

Rock Band

Rock Band Will Make A Return Says Harmonix

Do you recall the days of the big music genre push? Everyone tended to the latest releases in Rock Band and Guitar Hero. They were the perfect party video game after all. Though it’s been a long time since we’ve [...]

14 hours ago

04 - FAgfmYX

Inside Valve HQ Gallery

Ever wondered what the inside of Valve’s headquarters looked like? Now you get the chance thanks to one team of winners from a recent Valve promotion. Their prize, a trip to the studio that creates video games such as Left [...]

15 hours ago


Over 100 Million PlayStation Consoles Sold

The latest video released from Sony revealed a very nice number. Turns out that the company has managed to sell well over 100 million units of their PlayStation consoles. Watch the video yourself down below. Sony released a video for [...]

1 day ago


Tell Deep Silver What Dead Island 2 Collector Edition Should Have

Deep Silver was under some heat with the latest Dead Island Collectors Edition. To avoid the same mistake, they are are asking you the fans, what the upcoming Dead Island 2 video game Collectors Edition should contain. As mentioned, the [...]

2 days ago


No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Details Revealed

Hello Games revealed No Man’s Sky during this year’s E3. The game was massive, giving gamers a wide range of space to explore and chart during their voyage. Though you won’t be totally alone as we finally get some details [...]

2 days ago


Uncharted Remastered Edition Could Happen

We all know that The Last of Us, a once PlayStation 3 exclusive video game, will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 in an updated remastered edition. Another game that Sony Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, could see getting the [...]

2 days ago