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Amazing Spider-man First screenshot

Activision has released a single screen shot from its upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man video game. The visuals looks very promising. The game will base to the upcoming film  (which is releasing sometime this year). Developer  Beenox also confirmed the game will go back to its open world roots, allowing players to freely swing around Manhattan.…

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Mass Effect 3 Characters Confirmed

As Mass Effect 3 release date is being closer and closer, more and more details about this game are being released. Mass Effect 3 full list of characters confirmed Ashley Williams Garrus Vakarian Kaidan Alenko Liara T’soni Tali’Zorah vas Normandy Urdnot Wrex Jack Jacob Taylor Legion Mordin Solus Thane Krios Jeff “Joker” Moreau Zaeed Massani…

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PSN Will Be In Maintenance This Thursday

The PlayStation Network will be down  Thursday, February 2nd  The downtime will begin at 2pm this Thursday During the maintenance period, the following services will be affected: PS Store Customer Account Management Registration   The maintenance  will last until 8am on Friday. Remember to signing  before maintenance begins,it wont effect you, you should be able  to compete with…

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Sony in No Rush to Reveal PlayStation 4

  Looks  like PlayStation 4 is not coming anytime soon and will likely to be the final next-generation console to be revealed. During a recent interview with Le Point newly appointed CEO of PlayStation France,Philippe Cardon had this to say regarding the PS4 rumors.  Cardon closed the interview by stating that Sony will probably be the last to…

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Information

  Details from Famitsu reveal the following: Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace will have less cinematics than main entries of the series The identity of Raiden’s opponent seen in the latter portions of the announcement trailer will also be revealed ( it’s unclear when this will happen ) There will be CODEC conversations, possibly more than what was found…

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