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Outlast: Whistleblower Review

Gore, guts and genocide. Red Barrel’s new DLC Whistleblower proves better than the original! Red Barrels latest and first DLC content release Whistleblower hit the PlayStation market worldwide on the 6th of his month in America and the following day throughout Europe. Relatively unknown and [...]

3 days ago


Outlast’s First DLC Whistleblower to be Released Next Week

Outlast’s first DLC  Whistleblower will be available to download on PC and PS4 on May 6, 2014 with Europe receiving the update May 7, 2014. This a slight delay as it was previously announced to be released in April. According to Red Barrels, [...]

1 week ago


First DLC for Outlast titled ‘Whistleblower’ is Releasing in April

‘Whistleblower’ will be the first downloadable content for Outlast to be released in April for the PS4 and PC. A survival horror game where the player is in first-person view as a journalist escaping an asylum with only a camcorder [...]

3 months ago