Amazing Deal: Buy One Year of PS Plus for $35

Thursday,March 27, 2014By Magadala See


A user on Neogaf found an incredible discount that any PlayStation user would love.

You can get a year of PlayStation Plus for only $35! That is like having 15 dollars off, only paying $2.92 a month for a subscription. Not bad at all.

Click on this link that will take you to

It is so crazy to see such a good deal like this because we are long away from the holidays.

Neogaf users have confirmed that they have bought from that website and the codes that were sent to them do work.

Sadly this is only for PSN accounts in the US, but it shouldn’t stop users from making an account from anywhere else in the world. PS Plus gets better and better every month and it is a deal that no gamer should ever miss.

Even if you have a PS Plus subscription, you can keep buying cards and it will keep extending your subscription.

Why do you think PS Plus is worth it? Comment below.

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