Call Of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Review

Tuesday,August 5, 2014By Matthew Wight


If Call of Duty’s last DLC was anything to go by then expectations were going to by high for the next DLC Invasion, which is the latest DLC for the first person shoot ‘em up. But despite the success of the earlier DLC, the new one is crap by all standards. It is so bad it is not even funny, players who buy this DLC would later think, “why didn’t I spend my money on something with more value than a lame Call of Duty DLC?; Chlamydia perhaps or a noose to hang their heads in shame. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

Let’s start off the review with the driving point behind the DLC. Extinction…

The next installment in the Extinction campaign, follows your team of four highly trained agents (only armed with pistols because they’re that good), into depths underneath the ocean, (which is accessible by rope apparently. If you think about the logic behind that, you’re not in scuba gear, you have a pistol and you got thousands of fathoms deep by a rope! Good logic), as you take on the hive of the alien people. Of course, the main objective is to get this weapon thing that can save the world. (If it’s that important why send only four people, and arm them with pistols?


How about an army armed with rhinos and RPGS? Surely  that makes more sense, storm the place. But nope, instead you have to get money up by killing aliens and scanning obelisks to get cash to buy weapons. Here’s another thing, if the weapons are on the floor, why do you need cash to pick them up? Is there a gnome hoarding the weapons? You can only have this paper-clip if you give me £1 million! Oh by the by here comes a massive alien, bang you’re dead.

This leads me to the next thing about the Extinction segment, you can jump like you’re on crack. I mean, you can practically fly. SO, while you’re killing aliens your friends are too busy jumping on massive mushrooms like they’re in a flippin’ Mario game!  The gameplay is the same as every other extinction map, but instead of destroying hives you’re scanning for information, to open the next area. There’s upgrades along the way such as the ARK which is supposed to make your weapon stronger but all it does is make it sound like it had a curry the night before.


The end boss does not exist, you just have to protect these terminals that look like they’ve been nicked off Halo, they don’t die so you can just repair them so the end is appallingly easy. The trophy system is the same but with new gameplay factors such as the vanguard and new aliens, (one flies and shoots you, the other flies and bombs you) means new trophies were included for the DLC. There is Intel but the graphics are poor, it’s like the developers went on a lunch break and just said “Sod it. No one actually gets the Intel anyway.”

Yeah, no replay value what so ever.

Okay the maps, you know what?  The maps aren’t worth a mention so here they are in a nutshell. Mutiny is a pirate ship that’s been nicked off the Pirates of the Caribbean. Departed  is a Mexican village that’s been nicked off Guacamelee! Favela but not as MW2 fans remember it, it’s so bad, the map does not suit the wear and tear gameplay of ghosts at all but the more simple version of MW2. The last is Pharaoh which is a decent map based in the desert, that’s all I can say about the maps really. They’re all medium sized for the average shooter, but they’re too big for the game style of Call of Duty Ghosts. Instead of nicking motifs and ideas from other games and movies, perhaps Infinity Ward and Neversoft can pull their acts together and well, just delete all knowledge of this terrible DLC.


Do not buy this DLC.
It’s not worth it.
I promise you.
Get out while you can.
You have been warned!

What We Liked

A solid attempt at expanding the Extinction campaign with some new gameplay features.

Four new maps included in the set price.

What We Didn't

Maps are all the same without much to live up for, the inclusion of MW2 classic Favela is a failed attempt down memory lane.

Would not buy again.

Final Score


Boooooooo! stay clear of this DLC and you won't regret it.

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