Dragon Age: Inquisition Goes Gold

Tuesday,November 4, 2014By Dennis Patrick


Dragon Age fans will have the biggest story to play through very soon as Bioware announces Dragon Age: Inquisition has officially gone gold. This means the development of the game is complete and now the process of printing out the discs and sending them off to retail locations. Are you planning on picking up what will be the biggest Dragon Age title released so far?

Announced through the Bioware website, Dragon Age: Inquisition is complete. The game will make it’s release date for November 18, 2014. Originally the game was set to release last year in the fall but has hit a number of delays. From what we’re hearing, Bioware has made Dragon Age: Inquisition to be the biggest video game in terms of story from the entire franchise.

Turns out that Dragon Age: Inquisition was in the works since the release of Dragon Age II! Bioware must be thrilled to finally let players enjoy the game which you can pick up on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


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