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New details for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Today Famitsu revealed new information about  Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The magazines featuring new details about the game battle system and the character new designs.

You can read the  the details down below.

  • - Tetsuya Nomura the creater of the game designed Lightning’s new costume
  • - You can change costumes through out the game, including colors etc.
  • - Time is always going by fast in the game when you’re out in the field.
  • - NPCs will change the location and the actions on the game.
  • -You can only acquire information  only in specific time
  • - Lightning Control the functioning alone in the game
  • - You get to  register weapons, shield, accessories, abilities into a Style during combat.
  • - You can customize your own styles
  • - Hesitant  combat name: “ATB amazing”
  • - You can also earn points for effective use of time and equipment items
  • -The game provides you with the sensory feeling.

You can watch the first debut trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII  here.

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