Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review

Monday,September 15, 2014By Matthew Wight


If you, like 99.9% of the world have an Apple product, be it an Ipad, Iphone or Iumbrealla (that’s a joke) then you probably have played one of the most downloaded apps of all time; Plants Vs Zombies. Well those adorable plants are back, as are the not so adorable zombies.
Grab your shovels and your gardening gloves, it’s time to face those brainless undead once more (or for the first time), but this time it’s a little bit different.

Okay, so where I normally like to start I can’t, there’s no campaign folks, so this review is going to a tad different.

Should I buy Garden Warfare?

Yes. If you loved the first app, (ignoring the dreadful sequel) then this game is for you. It’s a third person shooter, but it’s not the normal gory depressing game that fills the world nowadays, but rather a friendly, fun and colourful shoot ‘em up that’s actually flowerbeds of fun. If you didn’t have the app, try the app first. If you like it, then get the game. If you don’t, well you can stop reading this now as this probably isn’t the game for you.

It’s rare when EA produce a decent game, but it’s actually very common for PopCap to make great games, and that’s exactly what they’ve done.


That’s all very nifty but, what’s the gameplay like?

It’s a third person shooter, but instead of staring at the back of a husky soldier, you’ll probably be staring into the back of a sunflower. SO, it’s hugely multiplayer based, if you don’t have any friends or an internet connection, you do not want this game. There are your classic shooter game types from Classic Team Vanquish to Vanquish Confirmed (a sly nod to the Kill Confirmed game modes of Call of Duty), but the best part of the multiplayer is the horde mode. Relentless undead (until Crazy Dave returns with his flying caravan, yes you read that right). You play as plants each of which are upgradeable, the only plant which didn’t make a return was the Fire Trunk whose ability was to set pea pods alight to deal more damage. Each plant has their own unique play style, as do the zombies who are playable in all game modes apart from classic horde mode.

The best game mode online and most popular is Gardens Vs Graveyards  a (Battlefield like Rush game mode) where plants protect their garden bases from an onslaught of zombies. You have minutes to establish your defences, building smaller plants in plant pots and setting up your abilities; from turrets to wall nuts that will definatley slow those undead down! But if you’re a zombie?
Well you can summon more zombies that you collect from sticker cards, that childish fun is back with a vengeance in this game, hence the sticker cards.

Who can I play as man? Tell me!


A deadly sniper capable of shooting it’s thorns across the map, it can also deploy spud mines and wall nuts!
Peashooter: A loyal soldier, capable of moving fast very quickly, it can also turn into a Gatling-pod, capable of spewing out it’s green peas.
Chomper: Of course, the Mario flower on steroids is back and ready to chomp any zombie who gets in it’s way!
Sunflower: The happiest son of a B you’ll ever meet, constantly smiling, it can heal team-mates and itself but it isn’t overpowered at all!

Soldier: The most common soldier on the battlefield, capable of leaping high and shooting a missile that will ruin your day!
Engineer: An annoying fatso ready to build teleporters, able to get his team-mates across the map with ease.
Scientist: A four eyed idiot ready to blast you in the face with a shotgun type weapon, capable of healing his team mates.
All Star: The chomper of the zombies, armed with a massive machine fun capable of suppressing an entire enemy squad, and protecting his own with his sport themed shields.

Friendly, fun and actually pretty darn good.


Family friendly, colorful and pretty hilarious in places. Parents if you want to get you kid a fun game for Christmas, then this may be the one for you. This game like it’s plants, well it grows on you. Oh, there’s also a split-screen option.


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What We Liked

Funny, colourful and friendly, as well as hopelessly addictive.

What We Didn't

Not much, but it can be repetitive in places.

Final Score


A brilliant game, forget Battlefield, this is EA's real stunner.

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