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PlayStation 4 Controller Prototype

Check out this artist’s prototype of how a PlayStation 4 controller might look like. Let us know what you think about it in the comments.

  • iAsian23

    That Looks Dumb As Fuck

  • Tamás Dimitriy Békési

    Nooooooooo please not touch pad here too!!!

  • comentador anonimo

    Bueno esta muy grande

  • Andrew Higbee


  • Robi Ignjatovic


  • Lee_McNasty1

    even if you do decide to go with a screen display on the controller why not just have one screen??


      troo dat!!

  • Avenged _ Sevenfold

    good thing its only a fake pic but it dosnt matter because i saw the 720 leaked today and it has glasses that makes it like your in the game :) and istead of having the mini map, ammo and stuff like that, you can actually check your ammo and map by pulling it out xD its the kinect 2 they said. its supposed to be better then the ps move and kinect combined! im no getting the ps4 cuz of how it dosnt accept used games and the 720 is onyl gonna be $299

  • Sprat

    Please keep the old version. Thank you.

    • cody

      i agree with you

    • kar sig


    • Oscar Mijangos

      I don’t agree, U guys r saying no cause it looks wired and stuff. Remember its just a prototype. And this type of controller would really help improve game play, like RPG games, and FPS games. when playing an FPS u would just use the small screen for looking at the map, or for checking how much ammo u have. And the game would be displayed at full on your TV screen, without any distractions.

      • OMGWtFBBQ

        I find it more of a distraction to look at the controller to see how much ammo i have. Keeps my eyes away from the TV Screen.

        • Ajaxlord28

          true that’s why I have my doubts with the Wii U

        • Dominik Wolff

          well not if the developer use it correctly.
          I played WiiU on the GC in Cologne a bit, and it’s actually quiet nice.
          of course not every game can use it correctly, so it should be a feature for some games, not something like the new hype for 3D Movies…

  • poderoso

    Naaaaaaa imposible no es funcional.

  • Cesar

    Playstation la hace de nuevo

  • Olsen

    One screen is enough ..

  • Mariah Ramos

    to be honenst its a little to much… keep the controller the same but make the system its self bettter than ps3 but not too much so people wont buy it.

  • noizyy

    the old ones are the best. color may chance into something flashy but for the rest stick to the old one

  • Jesse Cormier

    They obviously don’t know the difference between prototype and concept art. Fools.

  • kari sig




  • Tyler Hinman

    I might see use in it for RPG games such as skyrim or oblivion, anything like that to have the inventory on these screens instead of having to pause the game to equip something. Might even be usefull in war games like COD or Battlefield for a full scale map.

  • PS3Gamer

    I think the original would be fine, the extra screens seems excess if were only focusing on the T.v. screen as well. I say guys don’t judge a book by its cover instead just make the ps3 the most real graphics its suppose to have. X Box has more gamers because its cheaper yet its gaming has enough potential to satisfy their users. Just focus more on graphics and gameplay then the look itself, just finish it up with the neat common black color and I’ll be a real happy customer. And I love it how PS3 has free online gaming

    • Christopher Marlatte

      i like how gaming is free to, but xbox charges like i think 60 bux a a year and they use part of that to help prevent hacking online.. i think if ps3 needs to find a way to stop hacking

  • Charlie89

    I like it, but are they hard to learn how to use them?

  • eqwrasd

    Please, dont! keep the old version!

  • Zach

    Drop it once and your pretty much screwed lol

  • The B’Jeezus


  • gerimia

    just no. should keep the old version. and ps4 should accept ps3 games.

    • mario

      that would make it vary expensive

      • Brian

        yeah they should if its goin to be expensive then nobody would buy it

    • shaqshaq10

      yeah cuz thn we have spend money for more games. :(

  • slagathor

    whats wrong with using a tv screen?, the only use I see for this would be continuing to play on a bathroom break.

    • Chris Webber


    • Brian

      true it would be cool if u could tranfer games into the controller and continue the game while doin something

  • Dee Jay

    What serves the screen

  • Faiz

    Keep it like ps3 controller please

  • Omer Shehzad

    Why in the name of god, is there a huge “PlayStation 4″ written on it?!!

  • isamel

    esta jevi

  • Metal Monkey

    I like it, but one screen would be good enough

  • k anonymous

    i don’t like this…….it is a fucked controller…

  • Oscar Mijangos

    I don’t agree with people hating on it, U guys r saying ‘no’ cause it looks wired and stuff. Remember its just a prototype. And this type of controller would really help improve game play, like RPG games, and FPS games. when playing an FPS u would just use the small screen for looking at the map, or for checking how much ammo u have. And the game would be displayed at full on your TV screen, without any distractions.

  • Chris Daiss

    Keep the design the design original but modify the joysticks! That’s the only area Xbox has PlayStation beat. Their joysticks are cuppled in the middle, whereas PS3 are domed so with rigorous intense use the thumbs tend to slip off. With Xbox my thumbs don’t slip through extensive play.

  • Haji Salad


  • mark

    rubbish,why follow nintendo,cant sony come up with something new instead of copying others?

  • Gonz!

    2 screens would make that controller very expensive, not to mention fragile. Last thing Playstation needs is to widen the price difference between it and every other platform out there.

  • Diego Castro

    haven’t you ps guys ever heard, if its not borken don’t fix it? unless you are trying to be more like nintendo wii-u i can’t understan why you’re looking for new controllers system.

  • joejoe

    i do like the controler but also like the old too

  • joejoe

    playstation needs to make the ps4 play all ps games and any new ps games that come out i have a ps3 now over 100 games but i no when ps4 comes out it wont play the ps3 games just like when ps3 came out and wouldnt play ps2 games thats bull shit playstation cant say they cant do it because when ps2 came out it could play the ps1 games

  • rg

    nice but if the actual controler is expensive imagine this one

  • Karl Simpson


  • Nathan

    can sony make the controller like the xbox 360 :)

  • Melanie Jayne Drachenberg

    If I wanted a screen on the controller, I’d buy a Wii U

  • Heather Marsh

    Definitely keep the old version…there’s nothing wrong with it. No screen or other extras to break.

  • Pastor

    I agree with Sprat Keep just de wireless that’s fine work more in the console

  • Batman

    Sega tried… Sega failed.

  • Robbert van Loon

    The only way a screen on a controller would work if it comes with a touchscreen keypad.

  • Denn

    This is BullShit .

  • fanlu

    this is just a prototyp the ps4 can just come out in 2-3-4 years because they must produce the ps4 and they became idees for do something better we have anoth time with the ps3

  • Mickael


  • Aaron Knox

    Two screens? but why? the’re trying to do to much.

  • donald

    no old one

  • glen

    i prefer effects like sounds, vibration, movements… no something visual. could be distraccion

  • MuckBoii . . . .

    Ayee I Havee Ah Question. Is Dhat Picture On The Controller a Screen Or Sticker ???

  • Luca Scherrer

    that is worst


    Only the control will cost the price of a PS3!

  • Cj JGotti Price

    yea use that one

  • Douglas Keith Watts

    that shit ugly

  • SalwaBahgat

    فضلا القديمة افضل و احسن

  • Andrés

    Maybe you could make that with the PS4 you could use the PS3 AND PS4 cotrollers

  • Killer shark

    Hell I think that a cool idea!! Combine the psp wth the controller for the ps3 or 4. that way you can keep playing anytime with the psp on the controller.

  • JRGE


  • ♚King of This Thing

    Looks pretty cool, useful for games with maps and such so you dont have to waste time pausing the entire game just to see were you wanna go

  • Christopher Marlatte

    i think the screen would be cool.. but only for some users… alot of people wouldntwant it they jjust want to keep the regular controller. i think if you take it to one screen and make it so that is goes into the controller so thu hit one button above the the ps button and is can slide of friom in the controller. it will help if the controller is slimed down so when u add that to the inside it will not make it uncomfortable to hold. and the screen can display ammo, menus, health, inventory, or thge ps3 home so u can see hus online or send messages withh voice commands without having to leave your game

  • edison

    super moderno muy hermoso en q fecha saldra el ps4

  • Sammy Lopez

    Start and select part of the touchscreen for one, L and R shoulders flush with top screen instead of the square bulk

  • Felipe Antonio Ulloa Flores


  • hazze

    no mames se va a madriar luego luego q se caiga y deseguro van a estar bien carisims

  • BS

    epic fail

  • Felipe Antonio Ulloa Flores


  • Niuqaoj Zeuqrob

    Whaaaats!!! I Don’t Like. Is One Shit

  • Irina

    The PS3 Shockwave controller is MUCH BETTER. Please keep it. DO NOT change it. :)

  • alfredososaucy

    maybe just one small screen??

  • Jacob

    Here’s an idea. Have built in 3G/4G capabilities, with a monthly or yearly small price, and be able to play your ps3 games and have full use of your ps3 through the controller on 3G. the 3G is merely for connecting to your ps3 screen, but the internet connection for online still comes from your wifi at home! brilliant?! i think yes.

  • Levar Jackson

    2 many screans look 2 heavy 2 play with

  • alan

    la verdad , me parece que no fuera demasiado cómodo para tenerlo en manos como hasta ahora
    igual espero con ansias su salida al mercado :D

  • PSN Worker Bob

    I made this its so cool i have it in my hand now

  • Random That Commented

    I Hope That you can use the Ps3 controller to Ps4 to Because I only wanna see the Tv screen not the controller :/

  • anonymous

    i dont see this happening

  • brandan rosette

    i would have to say thiss remote is better than the other remotes i would like to have a remote like this

  • Guest

    no it will be like this
    sony woulldn’t compromise with classics

  • Aashish Vashisth

    no it will be nothing like this
    Sony wouldn’t compromise with classics
    they might improve the design for better not for worse and this is no good

  • Drol

    The old version is much better !!

  • Tito Tornui

    keep the old version

  • Darwin Hidalgo Nunez

    tht looks gay ass hell

  • Bedo AhmƎd


  • Bedo AhmƎd

    Dislike :(

  • Brandon White

    If you do keep this model would you be able to see what ur doing like Playing CoD:WaW and see what your doing off the controller? cuz that’d be BEAST!

  • Chris Spiteri

    PS Controller Sucks !!! XBOX controller FTW :D

  • 100cc

    ugly D:

  • pslover

    the old ones please

  • joayolo

    im win the ps4 in a championship of skateboarding the games is the problem :’(

  • gerald

    no me gutooooooooooooo :(

  • Ben Chaffee

    wtf are they doin if it aint broke dont fix it they have best controllers, im stickin with my ps3 anyways i aint givin sony anymore dam money

  • Austin Duff

    This actually looks REALLY cool!

  • Pame Iglesias


  • Mo

    I don’t understand what those orange parts are that say PS4… what are those for?

  • rkx lexx

    dont like… u.u

  • Playstationfans