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Sony files patent that could block pre-owned games on the PS4?


On a report today,Sony has filed a new patent.  According to  NeoGAF member gofreak  the patent application was filed on  December the 9th of 2012 by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. It assumed this patent will stop you from using your used game on the next playstation.  Only if the patent is used.

Here’s why such  tech was necessary  and effect the  second-hand sales on game developers.

“According to the present embodiment, realized is the electronic content processing system that reliably restricts the use of electronic content dealt in the second-hand markets,” reads the patent.

“As a result, the dealing of electronic content in the second-hand markets is suppressed, which in turn supports the redistribution of part of proceeds from sales of the electronic content to the developers.”

The patent also mentioned  images and music could effected

“Though in the following description a game application (AP) is exemplified as the electronic content, the present embodiment is similarly applicable to various kinds of electronic content such as an office suite, images and music content.”

If the patent  effected  the PlayStation 4 locking out pre-owned and used games,Would a lack of pre-owned stop us gamer buying the next  Playstation?  Comment below.

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  • Miguel

    yeahhh good

  • disqus_U1fbGuR6iP

    If you do this it means you can lower the prices on games then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nbdyhome

      It actually means the developers can jack the prices of games since they have a monopoly on distribution. Crack dealers, Apple, and oil companies have been doing it for years. If you can’t get the service from anywhere else, they know that you will pay a premium for that service since there will be no competition.

      • disqus_U1fbGuR6iP

        I just have some hope it would happen,but you are probably correct on them raising the prices.I guess if this happens I’ll just build a nice gaming rig or get the new Xbox.

    • rizzapdx


  • Eric H. Milke Márquez

    i dont know … i use to exchange games with my buddies … sometimes i bought to them too .. :/ … dont like this …

  • Carlos Aragón

    I will not care if… Next Gen Consoles make me think ALL games will be on the “Cloud” or downloaded or access through Internet thus… No need to burn CDs..nor DVD or Blu Ray, Prices SHOULD BE lower then….If so, No need to purchase 2nd hand games, Also the option to Rent the Game 24 hours Complete from PS Plus users DOES gives a good way to see the game and choose to purchase or not… Like it or not, I see this coming

  • Red Wind

    It ‘sa shame that a boy economically less fortunate than others can not even play
    buying a used game after several months after its release.

    If this happens really to boycott Sony PS4 and by all the players would be a must!

  • Marcus Smith

    IF you make me rebuy my games I may be done with consoles all together that is a joke

  • Lotus Runner

    I WILL NOT BUY ANY NEXT GEN CONSOLE THAT REQUIRES ME TO PURCHASE ONLY NEW GAMES!!! I GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE MORE TIME FOR MY LEGOA!!! Oh, did the gaming industry forget that people have other hobbies?? Too bad for them I geuss!

  • Lotus Runner


  • Erik Camp

    Yeah if that passed i wouldnt buy a ps4

  • Richie

    this ridiculous, I have bought almost all play station console form PS1 to PS3 from PSP to PS Vita. If Sony dose something like this I won’t be buying Sony console any further.

  • MJRBonr729

    Will never happen! EB games and every other retailer/reseller have too much market share! It would be an economical upset that the corporations would never let come to pass. They may just lock down certain content requiring you to purchase a content pass if the game is second hand.



  • Andrew

    yea i honestly dont like this either. i let me friend borrow games all the time and they do the same. ill stick with the ps3
    or just go back to computer games

  • LazyGamer

    This is written with such poor english/grammar I have no idea what they are saying.

    • WeZ

      cant play used games, no renting no borrowing. Have to buy NEW!

  • Tim

    Agreed. If the person writing this article wants us to take it seriously, please write above the 2nd grade level. :P

  • Darkborn

    If sony is smart, they’d make games electronic only. I say this because why would a developer want to sell their product for $40 or w/e they sell it for to gamestop and walmart and any other game retailer, so they can make $20 profit, just to bring the game to the consumer. Why would we need that? We already have the playstation store. If all games were electronic, they could easily chop off $20-$30 off their initial sale price, then when sales plummet, as all sales eventually do in time, they drop the price like usual. Why let the middle man get profit for just putting a case on the shelf. Also if they ONLY sold electronic games, they could chop off even more of the sales price due to not having to purchase cases and paper for the game case that is sold in stores, and have to pay less workers and factories to operate. Don’t you see? they could pretty much easily sell new games for $30 initially on the next gen if they think straight.

  • Enraged Gamer

    Absolutely!! If Sony incorporates this technology with the PS4/Orbis then i’m sure as hell NOT buying it!

  • Asif Ahmed

    this is good cuz retailers rip you by giving you used games on the price of new ones

  • Marcien Pierre-Louis

    Sony please don’t do this. Microsoft already made the stupid idea of blocking used games on xbox 720. Everyone would buy a PS4 if it was used game-friendly.

  • SmackZachBack

    I wouldn’t buy a ps4 if that was the case

  • Ali Ahmed

    It will be a big upset for gaming industry, now people like us who are living in third world country have blind trust on Sony we buy their consoles without warranty and also pay 30-40 % extra on actual price and secondly we buy their games if new with 70-80 US dollars which is extremely above than actual price so the only left option is to buy used games or exchange or borrow from friends, Sony was the only industry who used to think also for their customers not only for themselves but now it seems every thing has changed customers are only puppets but nothing else use them earn from them and thats all, if this is going to be true my long journey with sony is soon going to end since my childhood and my ps1 till today my ps3 me and my gf…. good luck sony going to miss ya..



    • WeZ

      talking about used games not playing PS3 games on the Ps4 talking no borrowing games from friends, renting games from blockbuster, redbox, no buying used games!!

  • Mommochi

    I’m not interested in anything that forces me to choose a pre-owned game. I won’t buy a councel that will jack the prices up just for its games, I’m not rich and can’t afford that. Playstation has been my favorite gamer choice, and it’ll switch to wii if you do this, and you’ll lose a lot of customers. Playstation, why not keep it gamer friendly?!

  • Chase Weidner

    plz dont make it like that i wanna still have a full system and control and still play on my tv . if it i cant play it on my tv i aint bying . also plz make it so ps3 games could play on it .

  • LOLdude987

    FUCK DAT im going to PC gaming!!!

  • gerad

    calling bs…calling bs

  • Sammy Lopez

    Just remove physical media and use online distribution.(like steam on pc).

  • customer

    as the days pass to the release of the PS4, each day coming i’m much more convinced to not buy it :) . thanks Sony for saving my money! ;)

  • Adam Casto

    I’m a loyal sony fan but if they do this I won’t buy the system. I was lucky enough to get a PS3 with full back compatibilitiy I don’t want these issues with the next system. bring back full back compatibility for all future systems

    • WeZ

      there talking Used games. U have to buy game Brand New, no borrowing games, no renting, or buying games at EB Games used!! Not backwards compatible

  • WeZ

    soon as u play a game once then its used not sure that will work, but I dont buy new games, only used after its been out almost a year where I can afford it, Cant afford 60$ for new game, and what about renting games to see if u want to waste 60$ on it. If this happens looks like the PS3 be my last video gaming system, been a good run from Atari days, but this is stupid and I know alot of other gamers that wont be gamers any more, have to find a new hobby!! Sad :(

  • Ryan Goggleye

    Yea, I probably wouldn’t get one then! I like used game stores for my games because they’re cheaper to buy. If I really want a new game, like MW3 and Black Ops 2, yea I would, and have, bought it brand new! Other than that I’ll just wait and buy it used. Besides, with our economy, it’s hard to buy “New” all the time. People save for the new stuff, and it takes time to save.

  • Guest

    hell no i aint buyin it if they pull this crap. ill keep my ps3.

  • martindug

    What about second consoles? The current ps3 locks things based on console. This would only work if it were tied to psn account

  • Timothy Lamkin

    You know that is really messed up. Not everyone is made of money and can afford new games. When new games are up to $60 a pop. Now with the new system I feel they would raise the prices just cause they feel they can, and that is bullshit. These companies are all ready rich from all the sales they have made over the years. Why can they just give the people a break?

  • Jeanna Hooks

    That is stupid in my opinion. If they are going to do this then they need to make everything go to downloads and chop the price since we don’t get the case or disc. That way it would be affordable to gamers and there would be no middle man. I hope they’re ready to lose a lot of money. No one is going to like this.

  • Steven Fox

    This is going to be a long post so I apologize.

    Alright to be honest this would mean a big loss in customers for Sony because not everyone likes spending £30-£45 ($50?) on a brand new game, instead they will settle for a game that has been used previously by someone to get it at a lower price. Even though I can see why Sony would do this (plus money) but doing this will upset and anger quiet a few customers which will result in them switching to an xbox. Because Sony as you should know, you need to place the happiness of customers before increase in profit.

    I’ve had a ps1 when I was a kid and I was always loyal to the Play station even though most of my friends have an xbox but if Sony is really going to pull off something like this than I’ll switch to an xbox. (sorry)

  • majed

    IF Sony blocked used games on ps4 then I won’t definitely going to buy it. I will just stick to my ps3 its enough for me. I dont need to pay double the price in order to get a better graphics. Which you can barley note tge difference

  • Mason Lee

    there gonna lose alot of money