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Destiny Grossed $325 Million In Five Days

By Jose Aranda On September 17, 2014

Bungie’s new shooter, Destiny, has made quite a lot of money very quickly. Activision stated that Destiny grossed $325 million in five... read more


Introducing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Momentum” Mode

By Dennis Patrick On September 15, 2014

Sledgehammer Games and IGN teamed up to reveal the latest multiplayer game mode, Momentum. Think of this as a tug-of-war meets Domination. M... read more


Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review

By Matthew Wight On September 15, 2014

If you, like 99.9% of the world have an Apple product, be it an Ipad, Iphone or Iumbrealla (that’s a joke) then you probably have play... read more


Call Of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Review

By Matthew Wight On August 5, 2014

If Call of Duty’s last DLC was anything to go by then expectations were going to by high for the next DLC Invasion, which is the lat... read more

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Review

By Matthew Wight On May 26, 2014

Falling skyscrapers, thunderous effects and super graphics; EA finally outdid themselves! So, the main selling point of both next gen rivals... read more

Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games Co-Founder Glen Schofield Talks Cancelled Call of Duty Game

By Dennis Patrick On May 15, 2014

Before there was Call of Duty: Advanced  Warfare there was another Call of Duty title in the works by Sledgehammer Games. Further details... read more


“We’re Treating Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Like A New IP”- Sledgehammer

By Charly Pierre On May 14, 2014

The next Call of Duty video game will not be developed by Trayarch.  Activision announced a new 3 years circle where Sledgehammer Games wi... read more


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Announced, Trailer Revealed

By Debabrata Nath On May 2, 2014

Activision’s revealed its next Call of Duty game called Advanced Warfare. The debut trailer for the game has been revealed and it appa... read more