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Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Creator is Loving The PlayStation 4

By Dennis Patrick On March 14, 2014

When one of your top employee’s is getting chummy with the competition, that’s not a good sign. Nintendo’s Masahiro Sakura... read more


The Witness Receives A 10 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough

By Dennis Patrick On February 17, 2014

You may recall The Witness, a game which was presented during Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement event. This is an upcoming puzzle titl... read more


Sony says “don’t be jerks” to indie devs

By Magadala See On August 2, 2013

Sony has just revealed one of their biggest secrets for getting more indie developers to work for them. They have ”discovered the se... read more


PS4 will have “High End Visuals Without Compromise” -Warframe Dev

By Magadala See On July 29, 2013

Sony has been doing very well at winning over consumers for their upcoming PS4, especially when they stress the importance of games. They pl... read more

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PS4 Developer Criticizes Gamestop’s Exploitation on Used Games

By Magadala See On July 22, 2013

The developer making the statements is Ru Weerasuriya, the founder/boss of the company Ready at Dawn, best known for their God of War games ... read more


Warframe Developer: PS4 is a Easy Platform to Adapt to from PC

By Magadala See On July 16, 2013

The Creative Director of Warframe Steven Sinclair was in an interview with VG247 where he discussed how easy of a decision it was to make th... read more


Countries that are Not Supported at Xbox One Launch

By Magadala See On June 13, 2013

When the Xbox One console is released this November, it won’t be supported in Poland and Portugal because they are considered ‘unsupport... read more


Developers talks Console Releases, Indie Games, and why Sony has the Upperhand

By Magadala See On June 8, 2013

A recent interview with a the Housemarque developers gave us the scoop of their perceptions of the Xbox One and PS4, its computing units, th... read more