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Fingerprint scans at Gamestop?

By Jose Aranda On August 1, 2014

Fingerprints scan are now being required for certain transactions in some Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gamestop stores. When customers trade ... read more


GameStop Surviving With Digital Content

By Dennis Patrick On July 17, 2014

GameStop, like most of the brick-and-mortar stores that revolves around video games, might have been in trouble if Sony and Microsoft ended ... read more

MLB 14

GameStop Offering $20 For MLB 14: The Show For PS3 to PS4 Upgrade

By Dennis Patrick On April 1, 2014

Major League Baseball fans who have the latest MLB 14: The Show on the PlayStation 3 can upgrade their copy for a PlayStation 4 version. It ... read more


GameStop Increases Price of PS4 Camera to $69

By Jayde On February 27, 2014

Not only has the PlayStation 4 been selling out like hotcakes, but its companion the PlayStation 4 Camera is also becoming very hard to obta... read more

ps4_infamous SS Bundle

PS4 Bundle of infamous: Second Son lands #1 on GameStop’s Best Sellers List

By Jayde On February 26, 2014

Even after a couple months of being released, the PS4 is still hard to obtain at retailers and even online. Sucker Punch’s exclusive title... read more


GameStop Cuts the Price of the Xbox One.. AGAIN

By Jayde On February 25, 2014

Today in the UK, GameStop slashes the price of the Xbox One TitanFall bundle, which is pretty shocking considering that they have already dr... read more


PlayStation 4 Available Once Again At GameStop

By Dennis Patrick On January 23, 2014

The high demand for the PlayStation 4 consoles hasn’t died down and with the holidays finally over, GameStop is pleased to announce th... read more


GameStop Is Looking To Sell PlayStation Now Subscriptions

By Dennis Patrick On January 10, 2014

News broke from a senior public relations director who made mention to GameSpot that the brick-and-mortar retail shop would like to partner ... read more