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Sony PlayStation Hacker receives one year prison sentence for breaching data back in 2011

The hacker Cody Kretsinger has been connected to the high profile computer hacking group, LulzSec. The US District Judge in Los Angeles has sentenced Kretsinger to a year in prison; also after his release he is ordered under house arrest and a thousand hours of community service. Kretsinger went by the identity “Recursion”, towards his…

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.hack// Sekai no Mukou ni Screenshots And Trailer

      .hack// Sekai no Mukou ni is the CG film adaptation of the .hack// series and will be included with the .hack// Versus game. The movie hit theaters in Japan on January 21, 2012. Check out some shots of the movie and also the theatrical trailer.              …

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.hack// Versus Screenshots

    Check out these new .hack// Versus screenshots below.                         Comment down below, and tell us what you think about this new .hack// not being an RPG.

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A New .hack// Hybrid Pack Coming For The PS3

        The title of the game is .hack//Versus. The game will also include a blu-ray movie called .hack// Sekai no Mukou ni, which makes it a hybrid pack. Every .hack// game has always came with a movie or show. The .hack// game is a fighting game that will be featuring a point-of-view similar to CyberConnect2′s Naruto games.…

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