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Why The PS4 Is Not All Hype

By Jose Aranda On August 25, 2014

Sony recently announced at GamesCom 2014 that the PlayStation 4 has sold over 10 million units worldwide. After losing their console dominan... read more


Powers TV Series Coming To PSN

By Jose Aranda On August 19, 2014

The strength of digital distributors as a platform for TV shows has been growing. Netflix and Hulu have put out popular TV shows and now Son... read more


Xbox boss on Uncharted: wishes Microsoft had an action adventure IP like that, but we don’t

By Charly Pierre On August 19, 2014

Speaking to Eurogamer, Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that he is a big fan of Uncharted and also explained the deal they have with Squ... read more

early access

Early access: How it should be implemented

By Jose Aranda On July 18, 2014

Sony and Microsoft implementing a Steam-esque service on both consoles is a real possibility. Recently both Microsoft and Sony have been ask... read more


Microsoft Looking To Overcome Sony In Japan

By Dennis Patrick On July 17, 2014

Microsoft may have the opportunity to take control of the market within Japan. Set to launch in September of this year, Microsoft will be re... read more


Xbox One Hits 5M Units PS4 Surpasses 9M

By Dennis Patrick On July 3, 2014

Microsoft’s VP Phil Harrison spoke with Edge about the Xbox One. During the interview, Phil Harrison noted that the Xbox One console h... read more


PSG Recap – Microsoft E3 2014 Press Conference

By Dennis Patrick On June 23, 2014

Interested in seeing what Microsoft is doing for their Xbox One console? Take a look at PSG Recap’s of Microsoft E3 2014 conference. S... read more


Xbox Boss Believes Sony Will Have A Great E3

By Dennis Patrick On June 5, 2014

Xbox and PlayStation have been dueling companies for years. Both Microsoft and Sony are gunning for the same thing and for the most part hav... read more