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Developers talk about problems with Oculus Rift

By Magadala See On March 13, 2014

We have already noticed how much attention the Oculus Rift is getting and even Sony has jumped on the back wagon for Virtual Reality gaming.... read more


Sony will Unveil Virtual Reality Technology at Upcoming GDC

By Magadala See On March 13, 2014

Developers who are aware of this Virtual Reality technology has confirmed that Sony will be at the GDC event next week. Sony’s VR technolo... read more


Oculus Virtual Reality confirms schedule at this year’s E3 2014

By Magadala See On March 7, 2014

Oculus VR is the company that has released praise all over the internet for inventing the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, immersin... read more

PS4 RIFT Concept 04

Mind-Blowing PS4 Rift Concept Video

By Magadala See On July 19, 2013

It has already been confirmed that PlayStation have been using the Oculus Rift dev kits, and there is a chance that we may be seeing it in t... read more