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Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition Europe Release Date Unveiled

By Dennis Patrick On October 10, 2014

Looks like gamers within Europe will be able to mark their calendars for the release of Minecraft for the PlayStation Vita. 4J Studios, deve... read more


PlayStation Now Beta Hits PS Vita & PS TV

By Dennis Patrick On October 7, 2014

Sony is starting the open beta for their video game streaming service known as PlayStation Now to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV la... read more

KickBeat Special Edition_20140928104125

Kickbeat PS4, Review

By Matthew Wight On October 6, 2014

I used to have a list of games that I never wanted to play, just because they weren’t my cup of tea; for example Sims for instance; an... read more


PS Vita System Software Update 3.30 Available Now

By Dennis Patrick On October 1, 2014

Sony has released the latest system software update for their PlayStation Vita. The update will take the system to 3.30 and will add a few n... read more


PlayStation Plus October Video Games Lineup

By Dennis Patrick On October 1, 2014

Sony has revealed the October PlayStation Plus video game lineup. For those who are subscribers to PlayStation Plus, Sony gives away free vi... read more


PlayStation TV Introduction

By Dennis Patrick On September 30, 2014

A new video released by Sony shows off their upcoming PlayStation TV device that will be hitting the market in North America next month. For... read more


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Gameplay Footage

By Dennis Patrick On September 30, 2014

New gameplay footage has released for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. The gameplay footage is apparently form the PlayStation Vita, just one ... read more


Shu Coming to the PS4

By Jose Aranda On September 24, 2014

Coatsink Software is releasing a new game that goes by the name Shu. Shu is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer, where the player can harness t... read more