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Why Resident Evil: Revelations is not coming for PS Vita

Resident Evil Revelations was originally  for 3DS. Capcom decided to  import it to multi platform. Yesterday report revealed  Resident Evil: Revelations is coming for the PS3 but many people wonder what happen to PS Vita version. Down below  Capcom explain the lack of a Vita version “When we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really…

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Resident Evil: Revelations coming for the PS3

Today, Capcom  has confirmed Resident Evil: Revelation is coming for to the PS3.  Resident Evil: Revelations  was previously  title for 3DS. This version will have extra content.  it will feature “ New enemy,will have difficult mode and  have  new weapons.You will also have an  opportunity to play as  other characters from the Resident Evil series. A…

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