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Rogue Legacy Review:

By Matthew Wight On August 18, 2014

From Shart inducing IBS to short sighted knights, Cellar Door Games’ new indie platformer Rogue Legacy was always going to be a com... read more


PS4 Amazon App Review

By Matthew Wight On August 6, 2014

One of the best things about the PS4 isn’t a game, a DLC or even Laura Croft’s remastered boobs. No. One of the best things abo... read more


Call Of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Review

By Matthew Wight On August 5, 2014

If Call of Duty’s last DLC was anything to go by then expectations were going to by high for the next DLC Invasion, which is the lat... read more

Bows, ghosts and why people with terets shouldn't play this game.

Towerfall Ascension Review

By Matthew Wight On July 23, 2014

Bows, ghosts and why people with Terets shouldn’t play this game. If you, like me, own the PS4 and patiently wait for the free game of... read more


Guacamelee! An Honest PS4 Review

By Matthew Wight On July 14, 2014

DrinkBox Studios’ simple platformer/smashem up/puzzle game/love story/ Goatman! Simply put? Guacamelee, is beautiful, clever and thril... read more


Review: Watch Dogs

By Dennis Patrick On June 22, 2014

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated video game since it’s announcement, Watch Dogs, is finally available for pick up. Though will the g... read more

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Review

By Matthew Wight On May 26, 2014

Falling skyscrapers, thunderous effects and super graphics; EA finally outdid themselves! So, the main selling point of both next gen rivals... read more


Guns, Cash and Eight Year Old Boys

By Matthew Wight On May 23, 2014

From falling skyscrapers to fish that move out your way, first person shooters have started to fall into two categories; the ones that you c... read more