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Sony says “don’t be jerks” to indie devs

Sony has just revealed one of their biggest secrets for getting more indie developers to work for them. They have ”discovered the secret” to gaining indie developers, by simply saying ”don’t be jerks”. Awhile back Sony was ”fairly indie-friendly for a while now on paper, allowing self-publishing on PSN for more than five years.” Now they have proven that the…

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PS4 Secret Line-up Revealed

1. Uncharted 4 Naughty Dog hit it out of the ballpark with ‘The Last of Us’ released just last month. We have every reason to believe that they have also been working on their next title in the Uncharted series, considering that they have different teams for different projects. We hope to see the beloved…

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Mike Bithell Talks About Secret Dualshock 4 Feature

According to Mike Bithell, all the leaked images and videos of the PS4′s new DualShock 4 controller did not show everything. “You’ll know the success of this meeting in a year,” he said on Twitter today, “when you are / are not playing it on your PS4.” He also got to explore the DualShock 4. “Can’t…

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