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PlayStation Move

Don’t Throw Away PlayStation Move Just Yet – Sony

By Dennis Patrick On August 21, 2014

Recently PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida spoke with Pocket Lint on motion gaming and thoughts on Project Morpheus. The previous generat... read more


Sony President Believes Virtual Reality Isn’t Near Perfect

By Dennis Patrick On April 30, 2014

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida recently held an interview where he spoke of the PlayStation Sony Morpheus. Yoshida feels that the virtual rea... read more


Sony Exec on Xbox Boss “He’s the Most Human Guy There”

By Charly Pierre On April 11, 2014

With Phil Spencer recently hired as the head of Xbox, Microsoft is now under a clean management with the new leadership. Spencer was appoin... read more


God of War in Virtual Reality on the PS4

By Jayde On March 20, 2014

At this years GDC, Sony did an intriguing thing and showcased their God of War series through Virtual Reality (VR) at the San Francisco even... read more


Future Updates Will Not Disable DualShock 4’s Light Bar

By Dennis Patrick On January 16, 2014

As I’m sure you already know, the latest PlayStation 4 console comes with the a brand new DualShock 4 controller. There’s a few new inte... read more


Shuhei Yoshida Reveals Brand New PS4 Details

By Charly Pierre On January 4, 2014

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios  has revealed numerous  details about the PS4 back in stock, Drive Club release date, ... read more

Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida Says PS3 Will Last A Few More Years

By Eric Swain On October 6, 2013

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida talked with GamesIndustry about the future of the PlayStation 3 with their next console on the ho... read more


PS4 PSN Auto-Download feature detailed

By Eric Swain On August 29, 2013

SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida announced on Twitter a new feature for the PlayStation 4. Any purchases made on the PlayStation Ne... read more