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Guide – How to upgrade/replace PS4 HDD

By Manjul Jani On January 16, 2014

PlayStation 4 games already now take up a chunk of space in your hard drive with around 50GB installs per game. If you are one of those game... read more


Guide: How you can pause downloads on PS4

By Debabrata Nath On January 15, 2014

The PlayStation 4 certainly launched with much fan fare and has proved to be a roaring success for Sony, selling a whopping 4 million + unit... read more


PS3 And PS Vita: 153 Free Games For 15 Days With PS Plus Free Trial

By Samantha Earwood On June 23, 2013

Japanese PS Plus offers an enormous total of 153 free games between modern and classic ones to its subscribers. Within the instant collecti... read more

How to make a FPS

How to make a successful FPS Game

By Debabrata Nath On March 28, 2013

We came across this hilarious video making fun of the current trend of developing generic and done-to-death FPS games and selling them off a... read more