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Microsoft Responds To Sony’s Trolling: “May 21st Is A Slow News Day”

Sony has called May 21st, the Xbox 720 reveal date, a slow news day and gave everyone a link to their new PS4 teaser. Instead of Microsoft staying in the shadows, they responded to Sony’s troll comment. Check out the conversation they had below.         Although the trolling was all in good…

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PS4: Sony to let Microsoft Announce Xbox 720 First?

Recently there has being several rumors about the PS4 release date and how PlayStation 4 will have 50% raw power advantage over the next Xbox-Simply Xbox 720 or Durango. On a report today,Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai made it clear that they will let Microsoft make the first move. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai Spoke with The Times in its Business section, he claimed the…

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