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Tuesday,November 4, 2014By Dennis Patrick


Write For PlayStation Gang!!!

Are you already or want to be established as video game journalist and reporter? PlayStation Gang is looking to take on more crew for their team. You’ll be reporting the latest news revolving around the video game industry. From experience writers to newcomers, you can request to become a writer right now!

What We’re Looking For?

There are plenty of spots that need to be filled. From daily news, reviews, podcasters, video content, featured editorial pieces, interviewers and more! If you got a skill or idea as to where you’d like to be place in PlayStation Gang then let us know!


This is a non-paying gig but we do have some nice perks to offer. Not only will PlayStation Gang offer you an outlet for viewers to read and view your content but we offer free video game titles for review. Also, we can grant you passes to press and media events like E3.

How to Apply?

Simply email us at

[email protected]

Include the following:

  • Name:
  • Age: 
  • Do you have experience with WordPress: 
  • Have you wrote for any other publication: 
  • Written sample piece or link to past posted article: 
  • Consoles owned:

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