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PlayStationGang Radio: Requests And Info

If you enjoy music, prizes, and everything gaming related, then you may want to know about the new PlayStationGang Radio I will be hosting. I have made this article because I would like to play music everyone is interested in and giveaway prizes everyone wants, not to mention talk about gaming news people actually want…

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Sony Announces New PS Move Horror Title – Until Dawn

 At its pre-Gamescom conference, Sony announced Until Dawn, a new PS Move horror title. The game contains seven main characters and has been developed by Super massive Games. The game follows seven different characters in the story and their developing relationship in the backdrop of an attack by a horrific evil. The setting is in…

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Epic Mickey 2 Screenshots Vol. 2

    Check out volume 2 of the HD Epic Mickey 2 screenshots below.                     Comment down below, and tell us what you think about this article.  

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The Amazing Spider-Man PS3 Box Art Reveals PS Move Compatibility

      Amazon revealed the box art for the upcoming Spider-Man game, which featured a “PlayStation Move Compatible” disclaimer. Jonathan Gendron, PR manager at Beenox confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man will indeed feature PlayStation Move support. “This is the final box art and the PS3 version will effectively support the PlayStation Move motion controller,” Gendron…

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PlayStation Move Sells 10.5 Million Units

We are proud to announced to you that Playstation Move has sold over 10.5 Million Units. During the Game Developer’s Conference, Sony revealed the PlayStation Move’s latest sales. Last year Sony announced PS Move had sold over 8.8 million units. It’s a great improvement for Sony, not to mention that Sony also revealed PlayStation network has over 90 million accounts .   Comment…

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