Media Molecule PS4 Project Teaser

Media Molecule releases a teaser for an upcoming PlayStation 4 project. Take a look at the video and leave your guesses as to what the game will be based about. It’s unknown really what the teaser video is about. Other [...]

18 hours ago


Doom Won’t Be Shown Off Until 2015

Looks like the few that attended QuakeCon 2014 was a very luck group as it seems that the game won’t be shown to the world until next year. The reason being, the developers are not confident that the game is [...]

18 hours ago


Gamer starts a petition to bring back Crash Bandicoot

Bradley O’Rourke, a long time Crash Bandicoot fan has started a petition to bring back the character to the PlayStation 4. O’Rourke wants Sony to get the rights of the Crash Bandicoot IP and to make a new game on [...]

18 hours ago


PS4 Firmware Update, Summer Sale and Free Games

Looks like the PlayStation 4 will have slew of updates coming up very soon. This includes the next firmware update for the console. Sony’s PlayStation Blog Europe Manager, Fred Dutton revealed that the next PlayStation 4 firmware update was going [...]

19 hours ago


Crytek Lead Graphic Engineer Leaves For id Software

The lead graphics engineer for Crytek, Tiago Sousa, has left the development team for id Software and the upcoming Doom video game. This departure announcement comes from Sousa himself through his Twitter. Happy to announce i’ll be helping the amazingly [...]

19 hours ago

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Performance Show One-Time Event

Naughty Dog struck gold with The Last of Us. The game was a huge hit and because of it’s success, the development team decided to release the game once again for the PlayStation 4. Today it was revealed that a [...]

19 hours ago


Naughty Dog is aiming for 1080p/ 60FPS Uncharted 4

1080P/60FPS  in-game is become an objective standard for all Naughty Dog PlayStation 4 titles.  The developer is  pushing the boundaries of PlayStation platforms to aim for 1080p/ 60FPS  for past title and upcoming title. The Last of Us Remastered just so happen to be one of [...]

19 hours ago


Four Bad Video Game Behaviors We All Do

Video games is a medium where we can escape our harsh realities; waking up to go to work every morning, multitasking watching porn and pretending to be productive at work, and dealing with all those annoying sexual harassment lawsuits from [...]

21 hours ago