Assassin’s Creed Unity Experience Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Assassin’s Creed Unity. The trailer is known as Experience “New Engine, New Gameplay”. Assassin’s Creed Unity takes place during the French revolution and will add new elements like NPCs adding quests at any [...]

19 mins ago


Curve Digital Reveals The Swapper Will Be Their Last PS3 Game

Curve Digital has announced that their upcoming video game, The Swapper, will be the last video game they develop and support for the PlayStation 3. Instead Curve Digital will focus on creating and supporting the latest video game consoles. The [...]

31 mins ago


Sony Reveals Summer Video Game Promotion

Looks like there is a brand new promotion going on within the PSN from Sony. The new promotion gives gamers the incentive to purchase multiplayer video games as they are given back money for use within the PSN store. This [...]

59 mins ago


Dragon Age: Inquisition Varric Screenshots

New screenshots released for Dragon Age: Inquisition shows off the companion known as Varric. Varric happens to be a character who was previously in the Dragon Age 2 video game during the Varric’s case. Varric is a dwarf that will [...]

1 hour ago


New Free Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Maps

New multiplayer maps are available completely free for Killzone Shadow Fall. The maps comes from the developers Guerrilla Games where those who are within North America can download the games right now, Europe’s download will be ready tomorrow again, free [...]

2 hours ago


Media Molecule PS4 Project Teaser

Media Molecule releases a teaser for an upcoming PlayStation 4 project. Take a look at the video and leave your guesses as to what the game will be based about. It’s unknown really what the teaser video is about. Other [...]

1 day ago


Doom Won’t Be Shown Off Until 2015

Looks like the few that attended QuakeCon 2014 was a very luck group as it seems that the game won’t be shown to the world until next year. The reason being, the developers are not confident that the game is [...]

1 day ago


Gamer starts a petition to bring back Crash Bandicoot

Bradley O’Rourke, a long time Crash Bandicoot fan has started a petition to bring back the character to the PlayStation 4. O’Rourke wants Sony to get the rights of the Crash Bandicoot IP and to make a new game on [...]

1 day ago