YouTube App Coming to PlayStation Vita This Month

Jun 02, 2012, News By Charly Pierre

According to the PlayStation Blog, YouTube App  will arrive at the end of June.The application will be free to download from the PlayStation Store. Sony promises it will boast all the features “you’re already familiar with”The app will bring all the YouTube Ability. search for videos, set favorites, make comments, and access your YouTube account.

No creenshots were revealed during the announcement  but we’re expecting for sony to show more info about it at E3 next week. We will keep you update.

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6 Responses to “YouTube App Coming to PlayStation Vita This Month”

  1. LoL says:

    hehe, eindelijk….begint ergens op te lijken……

  2. Jude Kraft says:

    godlike youtube for vita im sooo happy ty sony now all we need is complete flash

  3. james braselton says:

    hi there i have nico nico japan video app untill youtube video service soo i will have 2 video service

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