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4 New Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Surprise! Rock star has released total of  10 screenshots of GTA V. First you have  GTA V images show transportation and  Grand Theft Auto V: Leisure screenshots. But today they released 4 more show Police chase and more .You can view them down below

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  • marcos

    lo mejor :D

  • daniele

    i like the police cars :)

    • menoo

      i love it

  • moonshark007

    the graphics in gta v

    is too damn hight

    • awfawfawf

      these aren’t in game graphics these are the fucking drawn pictures in the loading screen like on all the other GTA games this game is gunna look like shit just like all the other fucking gay ass GTA games -.-

  • SaAd GhuMman

    awesome threesom :D

  • Dom

    AWESOME!! Hopefully you can do more stuff and them be creative with the game!! It would be cool if you can customize your own Guy, and also if they can put cars online so you can buy different car’s and houses would be AWESOME!! Like San Adreas Just Ideas..

  • Thomas

    when and where they sell it?

  • muskan

    the main guy should have a better look !!

    • Da mn ni gga

      They should let us choose, just like in saints row…

  • Katochimotoki Dotedomojido


  • Katochimotoki Dotedomojido

    dis looks like some hard miisions haha..

  • ed

    Nice that we can actually fly airplanes in this game :)
    and graphics are fine-_–ed

  • Karl-Erik Merisaar

    that water is so beautiful

  • Raul Rosario

    wow awesome graphics i cant wait to play the game and i hope packie mcreary is back in gta v

  • sicelo

    it looks seale

  • Ilker Tandogan

    I grow impatient to play it :)

  • kkkmcc

    another nigger ? god damn it !

    • Da mn ni gga

      Hey p u s s y, so you want to swim in a milk pot or what, you are so racist and girls-like behavior….

  • aza abdulqadir

    Xozga play 3 iakm habwayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Braxton Benge

    The character in these could just be a multiplayer character. Or maybe there a multiple main characters. That’s been a theme in Rockstar’s sandbox games lately.

  • Xat Harry

    Kewl !!!

  • Arthur

    real life

  • sherbitman

    nice graphics it needs planes helies cars boats bikes tht u can customize and be able o customize your character that would be epic

  • Neckername

    This is gonna look great on my GTX 670s!

  • Joel Gonzalez


  • Kratos

    size of this game is ?

  • jay stifler

    this is hot man can’t wait to play it.! Los santos the best..!!

  • Thermidor

    U guys wanna use that same Infernus, fine, but change that ugly rear it has!

  • troy ananda

    thats freakin awesome,definetily gonna buy it !!

  • Nick Nairn

    looks like a bugatti on the back on the truck

  • zongor

    can you play the game with 2 players ?

  • sabirramzan

    yea donwlod kie ho ge koi btye ga??

  • angelo

    cuando llegara grand theft auto v

  • angelo

    cuando llegara grand theft auto v a latino america

  • kevin jair rivera

    neeeeee yo quiero un juego y no vale chingada

  • Playstationfans