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More new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Rockstar has 3 more brand new  new screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V. Recently, they had released 3 images, which you can find here New GTA V images show transportation. You can view them down below.

Click on image to see full size.




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  2. I remember that huge mountain from San Andreas I use to sit up there with the heat seeking RPG and shoot jets and planes as they flew by… (Or jumped off the ramp xD)

      1. ok if xbox sucks why has the network never been hacked unlike the playstation network witch has been hacked many times i used to play ps3 but i got hacked to many times and i got sick of it so i got a xbox and i’ve had it about 4 years and i havent been hacked once im not saying the ps3 sucks its the online part of it that sucks and for all the people that think the graphic’s on the xbox suck think again they are WAY better then the ps3′s poor graphic processing unit, you do have to pay to play online but its better than getting your account hacked and having that person buy a million games and raising your bill like crazy i say fuck sony’s playstation xbox beats all gaming consoles besides gaming PC’s

        1. a network and a console are 2 different things lmao. Dude get a clue what your sayin is irrelevant PS3 is far greater than xbox360. And u never got hacked liar they hack the server not your console. Stick to the facts and its only been hacked 2 times. The graphics unit on the xbox is not greater and it doesnt have enough graphics memory to even compete learn about hardware. Also xbox was similarly hacked before ps network ever was look it up. ur whole argument is void. #1 PC #2 PS3 #3 Wii #4 Xbox360

  3. actually as u xbox haters should know the graphics they put out have gotten a lot better over the years and if u hate xbox so much y does microsoft’s xbox have more funds coming from it than the ps3 because better equipment the controllers are better the console is better NOW and all the tech besides the graphics are better

  4. well this game looks like it has great graphics its ashame that the ps3 wont be able to play it with out a bunch of lag, at least i have a xbox 360 i will be able to play it without any lag because XBOX RULES

  5. Funny how all the xbox fanboys can only bring up the network getting hacked which has nothing to do with the ps3 console itself. Any network can be hacked microsofts servers have been hacked several times the governments servers have been hacked nothing is hack proof get a clue. PS3 is the better system hands down.

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