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EA CEO say Next Gen Console will arrive in 2013

EA CEO John Riccitiello said in a recent interview on a variety of issues related to EA, not surprisingly, was one of these factors on the next-generation consoles that are emerging

Companys are planning to create future consoles such as the ps4 and that it is EA’s best hope to reach the numbers they need to make up for the bad year they had.


Sony likes to be the last to launch its system, so it is more likely that they will release their console after Microsoft. Could say that the next Xbox will debut in 2013 and the PlayStation 4 in 2014.  Nothing is confirmed yet, but has spoken more and more developers and industry insiders about the time of launching the next generation could be in 2013/2014.

For many companies like EA, these new consoles will help with major sales, and help them reach quotas that have been missed in thepast.

so everyone what do you hope to have in a ps4, features, speed etc, leave your answer below.

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  1. He did not say it was coming out in 2013. He only hinted that he hoped it would be released at that time. If you don’t know something then stop posting false information as if you do. Also the article was wrote terribly.

  2. it needs to be compatible to the ps3 games with higher graphics of course, faster WiFi gaming, no glitches like the ps3 has in the previous version, larger HD, but when it does hit the open market, the open PS3 world is gonna sky rocket in pricing…sony will rule, oh it also needs a windows program tha can let the gamers download virus software so that way the system is completely safe from harm unlike the PS3 has now, you have to have a separate HD to hook up to the system in order to use it.

  3. naaa no pueden ser tan gilesss ya sale la 4 dejate de joder que porqueria loco hasta cuando va llegar la play hasta la play station 20 loco!! dejate de joder seguro si me compro la 4 sale la 5 asi y asi…. na es una mierdaa…

  4. This article is horribly misleading. He hopes companies make a next gen console so he can make more money. He doesn’t say anything about a new console being released. YOU say that companies plan on doing so…. Not him. Everything from the first paragraph down is opinionated.

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