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Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled


After a long 6 years. The waited is now over?
It has been 6 years since Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s debut trailer and it was exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

In March 2012, Tetsuya Nomura said the studio was “almost done with preparing the latest info for the game”.

On a report today, Kotaku has heard this from “several sources”, it claimed that  Final Fantasy Versus XIII  has been canned by Square- Enix. They will not make a cancellation announcement  , instead  square-enix will rely on knowledge of the game simply existence  fading away and abandons the project.

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  • Gerry Yeap

    you are shitting me!!!! they should be embarrassed & ashamed that they think that their fans aren’t worth the effort to make an announcement!!! to the executives, you should bury your head in the sand and start to breathe, to disappoint your fans in this way is unforgivable!!! I regret buying your games and would now abstain from them!!!!

  • Lelwat

    I’m okay with this.

  • Austin Beatboxorigin Smith

    I’m ticked! I’ve been waiting forever for this game…. and they’re trying to do it in secret!

  • Suzano


  • Rex

    wasn’t really anticipating FF titles anymore anyway

  • Alex Kyriacopoulos

    I have been a loyal Square-Enix for years and have stood by for everything but this is a little ridiculous. If you were going to scrap the game, don’t build 6 years of hype for it. You know within the first half of the game development cycle if the game will work or not and once again you had 6 YEARS of development. This is embarrassing, the least Nomura could do is give us a public statement as to the reasoning behind this decision. My day is ruined, I guess Batman: DKR is the the only cure

  • Shawn Fox

    if they do cancel it it be completely bs cuzz iv bin so amped for this game for a good wile now

  • Mark

    You must be joking me… ALL of square enix games in the past 3-5 years have been a piece of crap, this game was like their last hurrah. if they fail to make this game i will never buy a game from them ever again. They failed to remake ff7 after crisis core, ff12 had no real battle system and the main character wasnt even the main character, ff13 wasnt good in the first place and they had the nerve to drag it on. If they refuse to keep making the last master piece that they have ff13 versus, then theres no point in buying games from them anymore because you will know that they all will be a piece of shit.

    • Daniel Knight

      They never announced they was making FF7? there was a tech demo? but they stated that was never ment to be a remake it was just a show off, of the graphics for their new PS3 ff13 engine so that was not a faliure, !3 was amazing, 12 was great! both different but great!, get your facts straight before making stupid comments :)

  • Jacob Keshawn Sandifer

    Aw. I was really hoping for it to come out

  • Nobody

    YOU HAVE TO BE SHITTIN ME!!!! If this shit is true,then im also done with Square Enix…i mean, ive always been a true and passionate fan of these great FF
    Series…and if we all keep it 100% real….WE ALL KNOW,THAT AFTER FF 10 CAME ONLY BUILLSHIT!!! I mean,there has not been anything near the caliber of a FF 6,7,8 even 9 is better then everything they have released since FF 10.If YOU are a real FF gamer like i am,and trust me i love FF and good RPGs in general,then you should feal at least almost the same and above all,with the cancellation of FF 13 Versus,did Square not only one of their biggest mistakes and let a promising classic fade away…THEY DIDINT ABANDONE FF 13 VERSUS,BUT THEIR FANS THAT BOUGHT AND SUPPORTEDTHEIR GAMES!!!

    Ps: I was so hyped for this game,the trailer alone gave me the old FF feeling -.-My last hope is Kingdom Hearts 3…peace ladys and gentleman

  • ryuu

    I bought PS3 solely for FFXIII versus….

    NO! DON’T!!

    but why? in the trailer they said its for PS3… they can’t just cancel it…
    After all this years… why now??

    Hope the news just a hoax…. Amen…